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ATTENTION. THIS WIKI IS OLD. THE NEW WIKI LINK IS https://github.com/GingerWalnut/SQBeyondPublic/wiki

Welcome to the SQBeyond Wiki! Here you will find helpful information on SQBeyond. If you have any questions, ask in discord or in-game. But before you do, please make sure to check the wiki thoroughly to make sure you can't find the info on here. If you think there is some info that the wiki could use, contact a staff member.

We heavily encourage you to join the discord. Click on the discord section under the “Links” tab to join.

IP: starquest.spacebeaverstudios.com

Version: 1.14.4

Table Of Contents[edit]

Website Discord
Dynmap Resource Pack
Store Bugs & Suggestions
Voting Links Donate
Rules Flying
Ship Blocks and HP Ship Classes
SQTech Machines Ship Modules
The Forge Blasters
Blueprints Void Stations
Cryopods Replicators
Faction Basics Claiming and Sieges
Outposts Capital Ships
Interstellar Bodies
Systems Wormholes
Storms Anomalies
Stations Rogue Planets
Staff Gallery
Wanted Spacesuits
Acquiring Money Contracts
Main Page

" If the wiki was no help to you, please make sure to reread carefully. If it still doesn't help, ask a member. "