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Many years ago, I heard that Las Vegas casinos pumped oxygen into the air to keep people awake and invigorated while they were playing. Right off of the bat, there were issues that I had with this long-standing myth. As time went on, I realized that my original assumptions were right once I learned more about casinos, and about general science. In every state in the United States, it is illegal for an establishment to pump oxygen into the air ducts. All states enforce this law by threatening to take away a company's business license if it is found that they are doing this kind of act.

Las Vegas and Nevada are no different in this kind of law. Occasionally, members of the Las Vegas Gaming Commission will enter a casino to test the oxygen levels. This is to ensure the general populace that this action is not happening. There is not a casino in all of Nevada that would chance loosing it's license for such a stupid issue. Now that we have taken a look at the legal aspect of this argument, let's take a look at the scientific and logical aspects about the question if casinos pump oxygen into the air to keep people going.

You might be surprised, and relieved by what you are going to hear. First off, if a person is carrying an oxygen tank,;, extra oxygen in the air would not pep them up, it would slow them down. If you have ever gone into a casino, you will notice at least one or two people that are wearing oxygen tanks. Excess oxygen for someone who is not having a medical issue or a medical need for it will usually gain muscle cramps as their body attempts to adjust to the extra oxygen.

Light-headedness can also occur. If the casinos pumped oxygen into the air, hundreds of thousands of people would be experiencing these symptoms everyday in Las Vegas. One must also remember that oxygen is flammable in large quantities. Did you ever think about what would happen in a building that was filled with oxygen and someone attempted to light a smoke? Boom! You can't walk in Las Vegas for more than a few seconds without seeing someone smoking. If casinos do not pump oxygen into the air, how do people last for so long in casinos, and go nights without sleep in Las Vegas?

Adrenaline. With all the action going on, the brain pumps out adrenaline to help it process all of the information that is being transmitted through flashing lights, loud sounds, rapid movement, and all of the other sensations that you will find in a casino. The next time that you hear someone say that casinos pump oxygen into the air to keep people going, just laugh. Take that person to a casino and point out why the argument is one of the craziest American myths.