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Chronic pain is any pain that persists for at Joint Pain Hack least three months in spite of appropriate medical treatment. As you know, pain that persists affects your life in many ways. Others close to you find it difficult to understand how you are suffering and they often offer advice that is not helpful. Relationships get strained and everyone can feel frustrated and helpless. It becomes difficult to be optimistic about the future. Depression is a common by-product of pain, often along with social isolation.

Why a psychologist? Several reasons. Your pain has likely had a negative impact on many parts of your life. You may feel that those close to you do not understand what you are experiencing, or may be offering advice that is simply not helpful. Many emotional reactions accompany pain, including a feeling of loss of control, helplessness, frustration, anger, tension, and depression to name a few.

Unfortunately, these feelings can heighten the intensity of your pain. A clinical psychologist with training in behavioral medicine has the expertise to help you with these feelings as well as to show you how to use your mind (that is, your thoughts and imagination) to reduce and effectively manage your pain.