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Replicators are giant structures used to scan and print ships without you having to place them by hand block by block. Replicators are essentially giant printers. So if you're thinking in terms of a ship, you need to think 3D, right? If you wanna scan it, you need to scan all 3 dimensions. Length, width, and height! So you do exactly this, you build a line of brick to scan the width, a line of brick going up to scan the height, and a line of brick going forward to scan length! There has to be a specific way you make this though. Look at the image below.


See how it's going left, right, up, and forward? Well, the distance from left and right have to be exactly the same. so if you go 10 right, go 10 left. this doesn't matter for up and forward though. You also need a sign to make the replicator, and a chest to pull from. The chest has to be in the same exact position relative to the sign and y-axis scanner, and the same is for the sign. The sign must say [replicator]. Right-click the sign and it will detect and show you the side that is scanned on, and the side that is printed on. Then, once you have an object in the scan side and enough materials in the chest, right click the replicator sign in order to print the ship over to the print side!

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