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Growth Rate: Slow
Growth Rate: Slow
Ores: Iron, Coal, Lapis, Gold, Diamond, Redstone
Ores: Iron, Coal, Lapis, Gold, Diamond, Redstone

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Rogue planets are planets that aren't labeled on dynmap, and their surface isn't visible. On rogue planets you can't claim for your faction but you can still build a base. Rogue planets are very resource rich. If you find a rogue planet, you are allowed to document them here if you would like. Rogue planets do not move.

Some rogue planets:

Eratoss 50000 100 5100 Perm blindness, blizzard hell. Basically the opposite of a nether. Mobs: Sheep, polar bears Endermen, Phantoms, endermites Growth rate: Unknown, probably low Minerals: Iron, diamonds, unknown

Xylos 15100 100 90000 Ghast orgy, ships are advised to have heavy armor. Off brand Xira with more netherrack. Mobs: Ghasts, blazes Growth rate: ??? Minerals: ???

Acualis 5018 100 40111 It’s raining and thundering all the time. The precursor of Feldost. Mobs: Sheep, Super Charged creepers Growth rate: ??? Ores: Iron, Coal, Redstone, Lapis

Otavo 90000 100 70000 There’s random ravines that appear to go down to the void. Valadro 2.0. Precursor of Erilon. Mobs: Cows, Pigs, Phantoms, Zombies, Skeletons Growth Rate: Ores: Iron, Coal

Grallion 85000 100 5000 Floating Islands, caves are flooded with water. Recommended to wear a spacesuit at all times or get alot of water breathing potions. Get water mining enchants on your helmet too. Mobs: Cod, Drowned, Guardian Growth Rate: Slow Ores: Iron, Coal, Lapis, Gold, Diamond, Redstone

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