Ship Blocks and HP

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Ship Blocks and HP

Ships have a limited list of blocks that can fly, which can be found below. Unarmored blocks have 30 HP, while armored blocks have 200 HP and 35 Armor.

Some armor blocks cannot fly on ships, but are still considered armor.

Ship Blocks

All wool and terracotta

All glass and glass panes

All doors and trapdoors

All banners

All fences and fence gates

All pressure plates

All logs

All planks

All slabs

All stairs

All wood

All buttons

All banners

All beds

All carpet

All concrete and concrete powder

All shulker boxes

All quartz

All heads and skulls

All coral

Armor Blocks


Enchanting table


Ender chest

Bubble column

Dragon egg

End stone

Coal block

Diamond block

Emerald block

Gold block

Iron block

Redstone block


Brick stairs



Cobblestone stairs

Cobblestone wall



Iron bars


Mossy cobblestone

Nether bricks

Nether brick fence

Nether brick stairs


Prismarine bricks

Dark prismarine

Prismarine stairs

Prismarine brick stairs

Dark prismarine stairs

Purpur block

Purpur pillar

Purpur slab

Purpur stairs

Red nether bricks


Stone bricks

Stone brick stairs

Stone slab

Sandstone slab

Cobblestone slab

Brick slab

Stone brick slab

Nether brick slab

Quartz slab

Red sandstone slab

Purpur slab

Prismarine slab

Prismarine brick slab

Dark prismarine slab

Iron door

Iron trapdoor


White terracotta

Orange terracotta

Magenta terracotta

Light blue terracotta

Yellow terracotta

Lime terracotta

Pink terracotta

Gray terracotta

Light gray terracotta

Cyan terracotta

Purple terracotta

Blue terracotta

Brown terracotta

Green terracotta

Red terracotta

Black terracotta







Coal ore

Diamond ore

Emerald ore

Gold ore

Iron ore

Lapis block

Lapis ore

Nether quartz ore

Redstone ore


White concrete

Orange concrete

Magenta concrete

Light blue concrete

Yellow concrete

Lime concrete

Pink concrete

Gray concrete

Light gray concrete

Cyan concrete

Purple concrete

Blue concrete

Brown concrete

Green concrete

Red concrete

Black concrete

White glazed terracotta

Orange glazed terracotta

Magenta glazed terracotta

Light blue glazed terracotta

Yellow glazed terracotta

Lime glazed terracotta

Pink glazed terracotta

Gray glazed terracotta

Light gray glazed terracotta

Cyan glazed terracotta

Purple glazed terracotta

Blue glazed terracotta

Brown glazed terracotta

Green glazed terracotta

Red glazed terracotta

Black glazed terracotta

End stone bricks

Quartz stairs

Quartz block

Red sandstone

Red sandstone stairs


Sandstone stairs