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Modules are a type of machine that serves a specific purpose. With the exception of turrets, all modules are required to be on a piloted ship in order to be activated. There are 4 classes of modules. Utility, Auxiliary, Combat, and Cannons. Each ship-type can only have a certain amount of each of the classes, depending on the ship type. Read [[Ship Classes] for more info about the classes.

Utility Module

Utility modules tend to be modules for passive ships like exploration ships or freighters. The utility modules are:

Auxiliary Modules

Auxiliary modules are used for travel and pirating. The auxiliary modules are:

Combat Modules

Combat modules. The name explains it all. Combat modules are used to damage stuff. The combat modules are:


While cannons are technically a combat module, they are categorized differently on ships so that ship can have a certain amount of cannons and a certain amount of combat modules. The only cannon is:

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