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[[Ship Modules | Back to Modules]]
[[Ship Modules | Back to Modules]]

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Slip drives are modules that when activated take you to slip space in order to travel across the system faster. Slip drives use eyes of ender as fuel, and you input the fuel in the hoppers. In order to initiate slip, you right click the sign and then type in chat "/ship slipdrive <x> <y> <z>". Upon entering the command, you will be told that slip drive will initiate in x seconds. While this startup process occurs, you can right click the sign to stop the start up. Other then that, the only way to stop a slip jump is by being pulled out by a jammer. Slipdrives can travel a maximum of 10k blocks per jump. Slipdrives have to have a sign with [slipdrive] written on them.w Slip drives use 3 auxiliary module slots.


  • 1 Diamonds Block
  • 2 Hoppers
  • 1 Sign


Slipdrive front.png

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