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[[Ship Modules | Back to Modules]]
[[Ship Modules | Back to Modules]]

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Torpedos are a module that fires a TNT Block forward dealing a massive amount of damage to a ship. There are 2 types of torpedos, regular, and emp. EMP torpedos are build the same, it’s just instead of the sign saying “[torpedo]” it says “[emptorpedo]”. Torpedos have a magazine of 5 shots which can be fired by right-clicking the sign once every 5 seconds. Once all 5 shots a longer cooldown refreshes the magazine. The projectile fired appears as a slow traveling TNT block for regular and a cobweb for EMP. EMP Torpedos scramble someone’s ship sin so they have to unpiloting and rewrite their sign. Regular torpedoes use 3 combat module slots while EMP uses 5. Materials:

  • 2 Mechanical Blocks (Sponge)
  • 1 Dispenser
  • 1 Sign.


Torpedo side.png

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