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== What is skin cancer and how to identify it? ==
Skin cancer is one of the most frequent skin pathologies. Lesions may present in the form of nodules, pedunculated masses, or abnormal prominences that may be accompanied by loss of tissue integrity.
Depending on the area or the type of skin cell involvement, they receive various names (The goal of treatment is the suppression of cancer cells through surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and the management of secondary symptoms such as pain, the presence of nausea and vomiting, the appearance of infections or fever. Weight loss due to anorexia is very common in these cases, both the disease process and chemotherapy can lead to loss of appetite. Body status must be assessedand nutritional: in dogs with cancer, it is essential to control weight and muscle mass since nutritional needs are increased (in terms of energy and nutrients), which may lead in some cases to the appearance of cachexia and degradation of the overall status. Excessive loss of weight and muscle mass are not exclusively of neoplastic origin but also appear in other pathologies such as diabetes mellitus, heart and kidney disease, and hyperthyroidism., papilloma, hemangioma ...) and are characterized by their rapid progression (related to benign tumors) and the tendency to metastasize (property of malignant tumors) . ). Skin cancer is showing an increasing incidence, related to the increased survival of dogs, which would provide more time to develop these skin dysplasias.
== Ten things every man should know to take care of his hair ==
There is no doubt that one of the biggest concerns in men's aesthetics is hair. In many cases, careful hair will not prevent the arrival of the much-feared alopecia , but in many other cases it can prevent premature hair loss.
For this, in Mensencia we have made a decalogue that every man must strictly follow if he wants to keep his hair in good condition for longer.
The hair suffers like the skin with the excesses of temperature . No washing your hair with very hot water. To always dry hair the best in the air, or with a towel with gentle movements. It is not recommended but if you have no choice but to use the dryer do it with cold air.
Remember the maxim of "we are what we eat". In our case, our diet affects the state of our hair. In Mensencia we gave you a list of the foods that will help us to make our hair look better , although we already anticipate that meat will be one of our allies so that our hair does not weaken excessively as it is excellent protein source.
Pollution, tobacco and charged environments in general harm our hair that is crying out for cleaning. Contrary to what many people believe, washing hair daily is not harmful, as long as we do it with a suitable and mild shampoo .
As we mentioned in the first point, you should treat your hair as if it were your skin, therefore you should not abuse your nails to scratch your head aggressively, nor use excessively sharp elements since you could damage your hair.
The conditioner is one of your allies so that the hair has a good appearance, providing shine, softness and volume. You should not apply it daily, two or three times a week is enough, yes, remember that you should not apply it at the root, it is always better to apply it only at the tips.
Gel, wax and foam are not good traveling companions if you want to keep your hair in perfect condition. Although it is clear that there are always times that we feel like pulling foam or wax to shape our hairstyle, for this it is essential that the product is not applied to the roots, only slightly to the ends, in this way we let our hair breathe.
Although now we enter the coldest months, you should not forget that the sun's rays also harm your hair. If you take precautions for your skin, your eyes, etc ... why not with your hair? There are specific sunscreens for hair on the market , especially those by René Furterer or L'Oréal Proffesional that have wide ranges of products focused on protecting our hair from the sun's rays.
If you suffer from hair loss it may not be due to genetic reasons but due to some nutritional deficiency, stress, etc ... Nowadays there are foods and supplements that can stop the fall as long as it is not due to a genetic issue, such as yeast. beer or millet .
You can also put yourself in the hands of a dermatologist to treat the case of alopecia . Although the genetic causes of this makes in many cases a difficult fight to combat, in some cases treatments such as Minoxidil can even slow down this fall.
The scalp massage is certainly one of the best ways to stimulate blood flow and in some cases can stop hair fall in cases of stress. The massage must be gentle and with the fingertips, if it is with your partner better than better, although if not we will always have a good travel companion such as the vibrating hair massager .
As you can see, easy tips to apply and carry out, and that will undoubtedly have a better effect on your hair for a longer time.

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